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Twinlocks 2

2007-10-07 19:53:51 by demonsoldier1

Twitch sighed in defeat, sitting back down.

The large, wooden table had bullet holes, shrapnel chunks, and other injuries due to the apathetic way in which the owners took care of it.

Sarai, ignoring twitches objections and yammering about a "Bad Feeling", continued to brief the teams on the plan.

They had discovered a large factory, of human design, being operated by the TL's.

The recent images that the scout team had brought back revealed that the factory was within a large army base.

Fortunately, all the activity was centered around the factory, giving the assault teams lots of cover from the military equipment.

A large tower loomed on the north side of the complex, which Sarai planned to place Twitch, by force if necessary, in to snipe and report enemy activity.

She completed the briefing and left the floor to twitch, who would assign the loadouts to everyone.

Smiling at him, she took her seat. She hadn't meant to surprise him with this, since they usually formulated plans together with rogue, but she knew he wouldn't like it. So she had called the briefing without consulting him first.

Twitch rolled his eyes, his gasp mask making a loud 'Psshhh' sound as he sighed.

He stood and strode towards the map. Studying it carefully, he turned and sighed. "Team two, I want you packing mortars. Teams three and four, the .30 and .50 cal machine guns. Teams one, six, and nine will be the infiltration force, and teams seven and eight will provide backup with rocket and grenade launchers. I suppose I can snipe, but I'll need to get some ammo first."

He turned and looked towards Sarai. "What time are we leaving?"

"06:00 tomorrow. I'll give you a ride for ammo. Make a list of equipment, too. "

"Roger." He responded, turning and leaving the room.


The jeep's engine roared to life, and sarai pushed the gas.

She glanced over towards Twitch, who was looking in front of him, noticing the blank stare on his face.

"Twitch?" She said, softly, looking back towards the road and slightly adjusting their course.

She looked back towards him, "Twitch?" She said, poking him. He jumped slightly, and looked at her. Terror in his eyes for an instant.

She frowned. "You ok?" She asked, looking back to the road.

"Y-...yeah..." he said, looking down.

'This war is getting to him....poor kid.....' she thought, before diverting her attention back to driving.


Arriving back from their ammo run, twitch evenly divided all the ammo amongst the teams and told them to go wait in the transport trucks.

He walked back inside, grabbed his sniper rifle, and joined the rest of the troops.

The ride there was quiet. It gave everyone time to think- too much time, because by the time the trucks arrived at the drop-off point, they were all scared shitless at what they were about to do.

"Ok," Sarai said over the radio. She had insisted on driving one of the trucks, so they had to bring all of the monitoring and communications equipment with them. "You all need to make your way to the designated positions." She glanced at the monitor, "Enemy activity is low. Move quickly."

Twitch was the first to be on the ground, moving off alone, he made his way towards the tower.

The base was strewn with debris, bodies, wrecked vehicles....

He sighed, slinging his rifle around his shoulder, and gripping the ladder which barely hung on the side of the tower.

An orange rust bled off of the metal and onto his hands, causing a sandpaper effect on his palms.

As he climbed, he breathed a silent prayer that he would make it through this...but didn't expect any miracles.

Once in position, he waited for the go-ahead to start taking out enemy troops. He watched as the other teams got into position, setting up their machine guns and mortars.

"Open Fire." Sarai ordered, which was responded to by many loud explosions from the mortars, automatic fire from the machine guns and assault teams, and a loud CRACK from twitch's sniper rifle.

He grinned. "Head Shot."

"Machine Gun!" Someone yelled, "East corner!"

Twitch scoped in, and fired. Taking out the machine gunner. He fired again, taking out his support crewman.

"MG down." He reported, turning back to the battle.


Sarai grinned, everything was going according to plan. Twitch was being as efficient a killing machine as ever, the teams were covering and moving like a highly-skilled squad, and the coffee was done.

Taking a sip, she glanced at the monitor...

...And dropped her coffee.

"FIGHTERS!" She screamed, jumping from the vehicle's back and getting into the driver's seat.

"FALL BACK!" She yelled, pounding the gas, making the large metal monster roar as it made it's way towards the battle.



Twitch saw them. Flying right towards them.

Not flying at him, but the trucks. Sarai. Rogue.

He hefted his RPG, which he had brought along in case hell broke loose. Which it had.

He took aim at the closest one, and fired. Direct hit.

His eyes widened slightly as the craft began to fall....towards him.

He slowly pulled the gas mask from his face, dropping his weapon.

"Goodbye....Sarai and Rogue.....Live well." He smiled, seeing Sarai look his way.


Sarai was in chaos. Helping to load everyone up, she heard something in her radio. It was twitch...saying goodbye....

Confused, she looked up....Just in time to see twitch's face before his world was engulfed by flame.


She would later remark that Twitch's expression was one of pure joy as he looked down at her.

She had never seen his face. Nobody but rogue had. He had always kept it hidden away from view...

She had always envisioned Twitch to be a strong, hard-working man. Versed in the ways of the world, and how to survive the chaos that was life.

But that day, watching as the large aircraft grew ever closer to her friend...She saw the face of a child. Small, frail... Forced to fight in a war that was not meant for him to fight.

He had given it his all. He always had. From the time that she bit the chunk of flesh from his arm while he cut off her leg, to that day, Twitch had always done whatever it took to ensure hers and rogue's safety....Including sacraficing himself.

Sarai vowed to, from that day on, do whatever it took to bring down the invaders. No matter what the cost.

And she also vowed to make sure that, when this was all over, Twitch got the formal burial he deserved.